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WorldEats Challenge Status

If we're going to do a pinned post to keep track of our World Cup 2014 eats, it's probably a good idea to make one for our ongoing WorldEats challenge too. We'll keep this updated with links to all of the relevant WorldEats meals so you can follow along on our journey. Go here to read about our philosophy behind the challenge, its history, and its current form, and check out the countries below! (If you're wondering about the country numbers, we have a numbered list of all the countries and it kind of shows where our gaps in our "walk around the world" are.)


(last updated 12/31/2017)

Country #1: Canada
- Summary post
- Smoked meat, poutine, bagels and more at Mile End Sandwich (now just the Noho branch of Mile End Deli)
- Japanese-influenced hot dogs at Vancouver import Japadog (now closed)

Country #2: Bahamas
- Why we skipped it under our original WorldEats formulation

Country #3: Cuba
- Cuban sandwich at Habana at the Barclays Center
- King fish and chicken sandwich from Margon

Country #4: Jamaica
- Oxtail and curry chicken from the Jamaican Dutchy truck (now closed)

Country #5: Haiti
- Stewed chicken at the Queens International Night Market

Country #6: Dominican Republic
- Pernil and pollo guisado from El Gran Castillo de Jagua

Country #8: Antigua and Barbuda
- Fritters, ducana and saltfish from Caribbean Soul at the Queens International Night Market

Country #14: Trinidad and Tobago
- Bake and shark at the Queens International Night Market

Country #15: Mexico
- El Rey del Sabor
- Mexico Blvd truck (1, 2) (now closed)
- Otto's Tacos
- Tacos El Gordo
- Guadalupe's Tamales
- Quesadillas de chapulin from El Rey del Sabor
- Chanclas, pelonas, tacos arabes, and mole poblano from Las Cazuelas
- Mole and our first tlayuda from EK Valley

Country #23: Colombia
- Visits to our beloved Farmers Rotisserie (now closed) for arepas and rotisserie chicken and more
- Buñuelo and empanada at La Sabrosura
- Chorizo arepa from Palenque
- Hot dogs and salchipapas at Los Perros Locos (now closed)

Country #25: Guyana
- Patties from Georgetown Patties at the Queens International Night Market

Country #27: Ecuador
- Espumillas at the Viva La Comida festival

Country #29: Brazil
- Feijoada at Rice N Beans
- Pão de queijo at New York Pão de Queijo

Country #31: Paraguay
- Chipa guazu, mbeyu, empanadas and croquetas from I Love Paraguay

Country #32: Uruguay
- Lots of meat at Chivito d'Oro (1, 2)

Country #33: Chile
- Churrasco and chacarero at Barros Luco (now closed)
- Completo and chacarero at San Antonio Bakery

Country #37: United Kingdom
- Fish and chips, bangers, bubble and squeak at Cock and Bull
- Eel burgers and doughnuts at the St. John-Shake Shack special collaboration

Country #38: Norway
- Norwegian soup and chocolate from Nordic Delicacies (now closed)

Country #39: Sweden
- Gravlax and Swedish meatballs from AQ Kafe (now closed)
- Gravlax, meatballs, and apple cake from Ikea

Country #40: Finland
- Cinnamon bun and Karelian pie from London's Nordic Bakery

Country #42: The Netherlands
- Nieuwe herring from Scheveningen at the Grand Central Oyster Bar
- Poffertjes from Poffertjes Man (now closed)

Country #43: Belgium
- Lots of wafels from Wafels & Dinges (1, 2, 3, 4)
- Moules frites from BXL Cafe

Country #45: France
- Rotisserie chicken from Poulette
- Macaron Day 2015
- Macaron Day 2016

Country #48: Spain
- Montaditos from 100 Montaditos (now closed)
- Tapas from Tertulia

Country #49: Portugal
- Octopus salad, cockles, and dry soup from Seabra's Marisqueira
- Pastéis de nata from Teixeira's Bakery

Country #50: Germany
- Bratwurst and bauernwurst at a food fair
- Currywurst at Wechsler's (now closed) and at Berlin Currywurst in Chelsea Market

Country #53: Italy
- Caprese salad, gnocchi, and lasagna at Trattoria Trecolori
- Bruschetta, pasta, and more from Jamie's Italian on the Quantum of the Seas
Fine Dining
- Pasta dishes from Babbo (1, 2)
- Polenta, fritto misto, pasta, and more from Scarpetta
- Neapolitan pizza, panini (and more) from Don Antonio by Starita

Country #57: Poland
- Pierogi and golumpki from Millie's Pierogi

Country #61: Hungary
- Chimney cakes at the holiday market

Country #64: Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Cevapi at Cevabdzinica Sarajevo

Country #65: Serbia
- Our first Serbian meal ever at Kafana

Country #73: Greece
- Pies from Poseidon Bakery
- Chicken pita and afgolemono from Uncle Gussy's

Country #75: Turkey
- Our favorite mercimek kofte from Antalia

Country #78: Lithuania
- Cepelinai and kugelis at the Lithuanian Festival in Baltimore

Country #81: Russia
- Bliny and chowder from Russian fast casual chain Teremok

Country #85: Morocco
- Chicken sandwich from Comme Ci Comme Ca

Country #112: Nigeria
- Our first Nigerian meal ever at Buka

Country #128: Mozambique
- Country of origin of peri-peri sauce at Nando's, closest we've gotten to Mozambican cuisine

Country #132: South Africa
- Sosatie, melktert, koeksisters and more at Braai
- Lots of chicken and more from South African-originated Nando's

Country #140: Syria
- A giant Damascene feast from Abu Zaad

Country #141: Palestine
- Shawarma platter from the King of Falafel and Shawarma

Country #142: Israel
- Sabich and lots of falafel from Taim Mobile
- Falafel from Nish Nush

Country #159: Pakistan
- Biryani from Trini-Paki Boys cart

Country #160: India
Fast Food
- Kati rolls and biryani from the Biryani Cart

Country #163: Nepal
- Our first ever Nepalese dinner at Sherpa
- Thali and dhendo at Dhaulagiri Kitchen

Country #166: Myanmar/Burma
- Burmese feast at Rangoon in Philadelphia
- Chicken curry palata from Burmese Bites

Country #167: Thailand
- Noodles and more from Pure Thai Cookhouse (1, 2)
- Khao yam and lots of other spicy food at Jitlada (1, 2)
- Larb and other chicken dishes at Bird Thai Snackbar
- Nam kao tod, drunken noodle, herbs spring rolls, and garlic prawns from Lotus of Siam and Chada
- Inventive Thai food from Kin Shop (now closed)

Country #168: Laos
- Laotian-inspired cuisine at Khe-Yo

Country #169: Vietnam
- Pho and more from our favorite pho place Tank Noodle
- Banh mi from Ba Xuyen and Saigon Deli
- Nem nuong cuon and pho from Kinh Do

Country #170: Cambodia
- Baked amok and more Cambodian specialties at Angkor Cambodian Bistro

Country #173: Singapore
- Chili crab dip, mantou and more from Masak (now closed)

Country #177: Taiwan
- Rice plates from Bian Dang (1, 2, 3)
- Large fried chicken from Cheers Cut

Country #178: China
- Dim sum at Ocean City
- Cantonese family dinner at HK Cafe
- Lamb burger from Xi'an Famous Foods
- Spicy fish fillets and more at Ollie's Sichuan
- Dry pepper style chicken, dan dan noodles, and more at Han Dynasty
- Lamb and green squash dumplings from Tianjin Dumpling House
- Wontons in chili sauce from White Bear
- Xiao long bao from Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao
Northern Chinese
- Shaobing wrap from Northern Tiger
- Uyghur ice cream from Erqal

Country #178B: Tibet
- Momos from Potala
- Gyuma, sha-bhaley, and yak sha-momo from Himalayan Yak

Country #181: South Korea
- Kimbap from Boon Sik Zip
- Korean fried chicken from BonChon and Turntable Mad for Chicken
- Noodles and more from Hanjan
- "Modern" Korean food - fried chicken, bulgogi sliders, and more - from Danji
- Mandoo from Mandoo Bar

Country #182: Japan
- Tsukemen from Tsujita LA
- Yakisoba from Sapporo
- Soba from Restaurant Nippon
- Ramen from Momosan Ramen

Country #185: Marshall Islands
- Tuna and breadfruit crisps in our friend's kitchen

Country #195: Australia
- Our first real Australian meal ever at The Sunburnt Calf (now closed)
- Australian burger and smashed mint peas at The Thirsty Koala
- Assorted pies and rolls from Pie Face (1, 2, 3) (now closed)

More to come!

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