Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beirut Sandwich

One of the food trucks in the city that we really love is Comme Ci Comme Ca run by Chef Samir. It's a Moroccan truck that we go to frequently (possibly more frequently than any other food truck in the city), yet somehow we haven't written a post about it. Most of the time these days when we go there we get the Moroccan kofta over basmati rice, which is delicious. Today Chef Samir was advertising on twitter their special of the day, the Beirut sandwich. It sounded really good so I went over to try it.

The Beirut sandwich was a pita filled with ground chicken from the grille, homemade hummus, tomatoes, mixed greens, and red onions. At only $6, it was a good value.

Beirut sandwich in front of Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi)

Opening of the pita (left) and bottom of the sandwich (right)

The sandwich was really tasty. The ground chicken, which came in multiple small pieces in the pita, was nicely seasoned and similar in texture to the kofta that we love so much. The onions weren't raw red onions like I was expecting but the sweet caramelized onions that come with the kofta and other platters (which I also love). The only minus to the pita was that the top consisted of the hummus, hot sauce and chicken, and the bottom consisted of the salad, onions, tomatoes and chicken (but not much of the creamy hummus). It was like having 2 sandwiches in one, both of which were good but just different. That said, I would get this again. What I would really love though is if I could get this grilled ground chicken over the basmati rice with the usual onion mix and salad. That would be so delicious.

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