Thursday, March 22, 2012

IGK Kalbi Tacos

In the past I've written plenty of posts about IGK and their Asian food station. There's actually another post I keep forgetting to write concerning their spicy chicken over rice, but that's a different story. I've been there so often that all of the cashiers recognize me. In fact, when I came up with my kalbi tacos, the cashier I talk with the most joked that I was actually trying something from their new menu as opposed to one of the items listed in the above posts that I always seem to get. Yes, I love this place.

Box with 3 kalbi tacos

Cross section of a taco

M and I have had plenty of kalbi tacos in our days so I had plenty with which to compare. The tacos offered by IGK were bigger than ones you might get from one of the various food trucks here in NYC or in LA. They came loaded with pre-cooked and then pan warmed kalbi chunks, spicy sauce, and a cabbage slaw.

The slaw was quite tasty. I saw the person mixing it up fresh, and it looked like soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. The pre-cooked and warmed kalbi chunks were a bit tougher than I prefer for tacos, but they were flavored well. The spicy sauce wasn't gochujang like I thought it might be, but it added a nice heat and some flavor to the taco. The tortillas were heated on one of those hot plate things, and I think they heated them for too long because they were a little dry and a little too crispy.

Overall the tacos were tasty, and they certainly satisfy a craving that I've had ever since NYC utterly crapped on food trucks in Manhattan. I'll probably get these tacos again at some point, but I'm sure I'll stick with my noodles and rice dishes for the most part still.

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