Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gimme That Filet-o-Fish

Back when I was in law school, I used to go to McDonalds on a regular basis, usually for a Filet-o-Fish sandwich. Is it the best fish sandwich ever? No. It's nothing like the fresh fish sandwich you could get at the Paia Fish Market. But there's just something about the Filet-o-Fish that's a guilty pleasure. Maybe it's because I grew up with it and it's stayed constant over the years. A and I don't go to McDonalds very much at all these days but this weekend we found ourselves there and got the buy one get one Filet-o-Fish (Lent) special.

If you're (somehow) unfamiliar with a Filet-o-Fish sandwich, it's a fried fish square with one piece of yellow American cheese, a dollop of tartar sauce, and a soft squishy white bun.

Sadly this Filet-o-Fish sandwich wasn't as good as the ones in my memory. It was dry and a little bland, and the fish also seemed smaller than in the past. A didn't think it was as good as he remembered it either, but thought maybe it was because they kept rushing them out (things are popular when they're BOGO and it was a Friday night). We had hoped for so much more.

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