Thursday, December 31, 2015

104 Weeks

The 52 week cooking challenge for 2015 is finally complete! I'm pretty proud of completing all 52 weeks without skipping any, and mostly doing them on time, even if some of the posts went up pretty late. I'm planning on taking part in this again next year, so hopefully I can keep the streak going. In case you missed any of the posts, here's a summary list of all the challenge posts for this year:

Week 1 - diet foods (carrot and farro salad)
Week 2 - dairy (swiss chard and goat cheese custard bake)
Week 3 - alcohol (beer braised BBQ chicken sliders with Asian style slaw)
Week 4 - offal (liverwurst and provolone grilled sandwiches)
Week 5 - Native Australian (mango and macadamia chicken with macadamia garlic spinach)
Week 6 - two+ ways (carrots and Greek yogurt 3 ways)
Week 7 - chocolate (cocoa jerk tofu, chocolate green beans, chocolate vegetable tarts)
Week 8 - canned/preserved (strawberry fruit leather)
Week 9 - one color (green tofu patties and lentils)
Week 10 - book inspired (Harry Potter Christmas feast-inspired roast chicken and stuffins)
Week 11 - bananas (Southeast Asian banana curry)
Week 12 - hangover cures (bangers and colcannon with sausage onion gravy)
Week 13 - spicy food (Korean stewed chicken)
Week 14 - Easter (leek and bacon tottins)
Week 15 - surf and turf (tuna and bacon melts)
Week 16 - Cuban (picadillo-stuffed potato balls)
Week 17 - herbs (dilled crunchy corn salad)
Week 18 - bento boxes (Mediterranean chicken bento box)
Week 19 - flowers (hibiscus iced tea)
Week 20 - barbecue (BBQ chicken pizza)
Week 21 - ground meat (larb gai)
Week 22 - fusion (taco pasta)
Week 23 - concession foods (chili cheese wedge fries)
Week 24 - Portuguese (caldo verde)
Week 25 - your first foods (chicken lettuce wrap)
Week 26 - one bite (crab toast)
Week 27 - picnic food (loaded baked potato salad)
Week 28 - Alton Brown (best ever green bean casserole and creamy garlic mashed potatoes)
Week 29 - Eid al-Fitr (Moroccan style chicken)
Week 30 - freezing (fruit and yogurt frozen mini popsicles)
Week 31 - represent your region (street meat)
Week 32 - bacon (BLT salad)
Week 33 - Indian (chana dal with kachumber salad)
Week 34 - Indonesian (nasi goreng)
Week 35 - pizza (sausage, mushroom, and onion pizza)
Week 36 - signature dishes (baked goat cheese with spring greens salad)
Week 37 - mushrooms (mushroom rice soup)
Week 38 - Mexican (soy chorizo tacos with homemade tortillas)
Week 39 - heritage (ma po tofu)
Week 40 - coffee (coffee rubbed baked salmon)
Week 41 - omelettes (Western omelettes)
Week 42 - whole spices (chicken jalfrezi)
Week 43 - hit for the cycle (Chilean butternut squash casserole)
Week 44 - Welsh (leeks with bacon and mushrooms, smoked salmon and leek soup)
Week 45 - sandwiches (cheese and leek toastie)
Week 46 - faux-stess (nutella brownies)
Week 47 - ginger (ginger-garlic baked salmon and mixed vegetables with scallion-ginger sauce)
Week 48 - stuffed (spinach and artichoke dip stuffed garlic bread)
Week 49 - roasting (roasted carrots of many colors)
Week 50 - junk food (Irish fries)
Week 51 - raw (guacamole)
Week 52 - cookies (savory masala cookies)

Some of these challenge meals were among our favorite homecooked dishes of the year. Our favorite food memories lists will be going up later today, so stay tuned to see which ones we chose. Looking forward to the 2016 challenge!

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