Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 30 - Freezing

I give up on posting the challenge recaps in order. Here's Week 30...

When the Week 30 challenge came up as freezing, I wondered what I could do for dinner that could possibly qualify. The rules only said you had to create something using a freezing technique, so either a completely frozen dish or something with a frozen element to it would work. The only savory preparation I could think of was to create trays of TV dinners, freeze them, and then microwave them another day, but I really had no desire to do that. So for this challenge, I instead decided to make dessert, fruit and yogurt mini frozen pops, based on this recipe I found on Allrecipes.

I modified the ingredients list slightly and used:

- 16 oz bag of frozen berries
- 1 banana
- 2 cups of vanilla yogurt
- agave to taste, approx 2 tbsp

A very simple list. On top of that, there were 5 mini paper cups and popsicle sticks to make the pops. I'm not going to do a total because this wasn't dinner, so I'm not really trying to figure out if it's cost-effective. If I had to estimate, it would probably be similar in cost to a box of popsicles from the supermarket, but could potentially make more pops.

Making the pops was pretty easy. The first step was to blend the fruit (with any juice or water that was in the bag), yogurt, agave, and banana together until the berries had broken up and everything was mixed together well.

Then I added the fruit and yogurt mixture into our mini cups.

Next up was covering each cup with aluminum foil and adding the popsicle sticks. I used paper cups because we don't own any popsicle trays. I would have made more than 5 pops (or an even number generally), but that was all that would fit in this little tray. Our freezer was pretty full so there wasn't room for a second tray. There was barely room for this one.

Since we couldn't make any more pops than that, the rest of the fruit and yogurt mixture became smoothies that we enjoyed during Sharknado 3. I have no idea proportionally how much of the cost became smoothies, but I'm also not sure it matters because you could just make more pops if you had the space in the freezer.

We let the pops freeze overnight and then tried them for dessert the next day. They were actually pretty good, other than the paper that stuck to the top of the pop from the paper cups on half the pops. If we had a lot of freezer space and a real popsicle tray, I might do this again sometime, but right now, I think I'll stick to some of my favorite store-bought popsicles for a quick and easy treat. It was nice to try though.

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