Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tchau Brasil

The 2014 World Cup (and our challenge) has been over for almost 2 weeks now and it was an intense ride! We tried to make it to as many countries as we could for our eating challenge, and we watched a very high percentage of the games themselves, so the past month was pretty much overtaken by the World Cup. (Fairly sure we're not the only ones.) It was exciting and thrilling. Congratulations to Germany!

If you haven't been following along with our status post or generally reading the blog, we visited 20 out of 32 countries, for a 62.5% showing. Not too bad, considering our World Cup eating time was fairly limited. There's an alphabetical list of the countries we hit on our journey in the status post, but if you want to read them in the order we traveled, here's the list of countries we visited in order:

We did fairly well with our challenge, but just ran out of time to hit up more spots. We had places picked out for every country (other than Algeria and Cameroon), but when we had to start doing food crawls or only had limited travel time, that eliminated a bunch of the more interesting cuisines we had never tried before. Our biggest disappointments in our performance were that we never made it to an African restaurant (and therefore didn't go to one country from each confederation) and didn't make it to all the nations of any particular confederation (we got close with CONMEBOL and AFC, only missing one country for each). Maybe next time.

We have no idea where we'll be in life during the next World Cup in 2018, but we always look forward to this event every 4 years. We love the World Cup!

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