Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Welcome to our new blog!

Considering our love for food, travel and adventure, it's surprising that we waited this long (almost a year after getting married) to start a joint blog chronicling our adventures. We were spurred into action this past weekend when someone we met at the NY Food Film Fest asked why we weren't blogging about our World Cup food adventure. (More on that later.) It raised a good question. Why weren't we blogging about our World Cup food adventure? And why weren't we blogging about our adventures generally? We love going out and trying new places and things. Maybe it's time to pay it forward, considering how much help we've gotten from some of our favorite blogs.

So, who are we? Newlyweds, as we mentioned before. Living in New York. Lovers of food and traveling. Juggling so many places to go and things to try with not enough time. Hoping to win a big lotto someday. Trying to find more time to cook and exercise while enjoying everyday life.

Although it's hard to pick our favorite foods, here's a few. M loves cupcakes, tacos, potato salad, samosas, larb gai, black pepper scallops, hazelnut dacquoise and huaraches. A loves key lime pie, BBQ of any kind, horchata, ice cream, sushi, chana masala and trying different beers.

Thanks for joining us on our new adventure!

Enjoying People's Pops at the NY Food Film Fest's Food Truck Drive-in