Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to Old Habits

First day back to work in weeks and I get tacos for lunch (instead of the salad I planned on). There are worse addictions to have.

We're Back!

Sorry for not posting for quite some time, but it was for a good reason - we were away on vacation! Initially we planned to blog as the trip went on, but then we wanted to present our story in order after sorting through all of our photos, so that made it a little difficult to do along the way.

But we have lots to talk about, and this time, we want to do it as soon as we can so we don't forget all the details! We were off in Greece, with brief stops in Geneva and Munich, so we have so much to share. All the posts will be tagged with "Aegean Honeymoon" so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Empty Bowl Syndrome

Oh, Chipotle.  I'm a big fan but I'm disappointed in your stinginess today.
My typical order (~80% of the time) is a burrito bowl with rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, chicken, mild salsa, medium salsa, corn salsa, cheese and lettuce.  It's usually pretty filling with the rice and beans, and while sometimes they don't pile on the ingredients, most of the time it's a pretty good amount.
Today when I ordered, the rice bin was barely full and the vegetables were also running low.  She gave me the rest of the rice and added a few vegetables from the new bin, but then moved me right along down the line.  (I should note that they were not the least bit busy and there was only one other person waiting.)  I got my burrito bowl and, while a little bummed that I had a less full bowl than usual, figured that was just the luck of the draw.  (I know the photo doesn't look that bad.  But there were large empty sections of the bowl.  The photo doesn't really show the depth of the ingredients.  It was also very... "airily" packed.)
After I paid, I heard one of the guys behind the counter ask the other woman what she was waiting for.  She said new rice and peppers, which they had just come out with.  (Keep in mind that this couldn't be more than one minute after I went through the line.)  I glanced at her bowl as I walked by and the amount of rice was double (it actually covered the length of the bowl unlike mine) and they were piling on the peppers.
Here's a question: if there was someone already waiting for new rice and new peppers, and you can plainly see that the bins are not that full, why wouldn't you either (a) ask me if I wanted to wait for the new stuff to come out (at least give me the option to say no, I'm in a rush) or (b) tell me to just wait a minute and there will be more?
Instead, you just chose to not fill them up all the way.  This from the same woman who overloaded my tacos another day.
I'm not usually hungry after Chipotle.  But now I'm looking for a snack.  There's a lot of Chipotles in this area and I usually try to walk to one I haven't been to before, but I needed to stay close to the office today.  I think I'll hold off on re-visiting this one for a bit.