Friday, December 26, 2014

Challenge Complete

I finished the whole 52 week cooking challenge for this year! I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment. I only skipped one week (molecular week, for reasons I explained then which have remained true over the course of the year) but I doubled up on some others so I still count the year as complete. Here's the full list for 2014:

Week 1 - eggs (vegetable scramble and gravlax omelette)
Week 2 - Polish (slow cooker kapusta and kielbasa)
Week 3 - one pot (one-pot sesame chicken, shiitake and brown rice)
Week 4 - ingredient you hated as a kid (lima beans and more lima beans)
Week 5 - vanilla (macaroons)
Week 6 - Jamaican (jerk chicken and rice & peas)
Week 7 - poaching (poached eggs & polenta and sesame chicken cucumber noodle salad)
Week 8 - TV show inspired (Hawaiian garlic shrimp and mac salad)
Week 9 - garlic (black garlic and mushroom pasta)
Week 10 - Australian (sausage rolls)
Week 11 - molecular (skipped for these reasons)
Week 12 - street food (fish tacos and esquites)
Week 13 - potatoes (twice baked chili cheese potatoes and hasselback potatoes)
Week 14 - Belgian (beer and onion braised chicken carbonnade and stoemp)
Week 15 - knifework (lots of prep work)
Week 16 - 80s (French bread pizza)
Week 17 - soy (Mediterranean baked tofu and sweet and sour tofu)
Week 18 - Peruvian (ensalada de choclo)
Week 19 - caramelization (mujadara and caramelized carrots)
Week 20 - diner/drive-in food (grilled cheese and corned beef hash breakfast plate)
Week 21 - beer (spicy beer braised lime chicken enchiladas)
Week 22 - Turkish (nohut salatasi, mercimek koftesi, beet salad)
Week 23 - confit (spicy red pepper and eggplant confit)
Week 24 - historic foods (turkey meatloaf)
Week 25 - stone fruits (peach salsa)
Week 26 - Philippines (chicken adobo with mushroom and bamboo shoot rice)
Week 27 - tenderizing (spring chicken roll-ups with lemon dijon pan sauce)
Week 28 - 'Murica (Hoppin' John and Southern greens)
Week 29 - from your pantry (chicken with sauteed corn and tomatoes)
Week 30 - clean eating (cod with roasted vegetables)
Week 31 - breading/dredging (breaded zucchini chips with garlic aioli)
Week 32 - your favorites (slow cooker split pea soup)
Week 33 - melons (watermelon and feta salad)
Week 34 - opposite side of the world (Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls)
Week 35 - pickling (pickled red onions for chicken tacos)
Week 36 - hot and cold (trio of sloppy joe sliders)
Week 37 - apples (savory apple saute)
Week 38 - Central Asia (plov)
Week 39 - stew (African-style peanut stew)
Week 40 - screw-ups revisited (bubble and squeak)
Week 41 - pumpkin (turkey pumpkin chili)
Week 42 - Native American (chicken and green chile pozole)
Week 43 - candied (candied yams)
Week 44 - horror movie inspired (mini mummy pizzas)
Week 45 - whole grains (autumn millet bake)
Week 46 - rustic (chicken cacciatore and parmesan smashed potatoes)
Week 47 - pan sauces (chicken cutlets with quick pan sauce)
Week 48 - unexpected combinations (parmesan and mayo crusted mahi mahi)
Week 49 - dried fruit (Catalan-style chickpeas with raisins)
Week 50 - Canadian (maple glazed Canadian salmon)
Week 51 - kosher ("healthy" latkes)
Week 52 - fancy ingredients (turkey and saffron rice)

Can't wait to see what new dishes next year's cooking challenge will bring!

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