Friday, December 23, 2016

156 Weeks

My third year of (unofficially) participating in the 52 week cooking challenge is done! It has really made our dinners at home more interesting and encouraged me to try a lot of new things over the years, and I'm thankful for that. I'm not really sure what my favorites are from this year's list, as there were so many good ones. If you missed any of them, here's the list for the year:

Week 1 - soup (wedding soup)
Week 2 - sous vide (stovetop sous vide salmon)
Week 3 - Greek (Greek turkey, rice and feta casserole)
Week 4 - brunch (savory French toast with corned beef hash)
Week 5 - chili (white chili)
Week 6 - finger foods (baked mozzarella sticks)
Week 7 - air (gougères)
Week 8 - Japanese (oyakodon, green bean shiraae, and chilled tofu)
Week 9 - from a can (crab cakes and cajun corn maque choux)
Week 10 - braised (Korean braised tofu)
Week 11 - Malaysian (mee goreng)
Week 12 - mac & cheese (garlic, beer, and bacon mac and cheese)
Week 13 - bread (Italian sausage and cheese bread)
Week 14 - food in disguise (meatloaf and mashed potato "layer cake" slices)
Week 15 - Brazilian (Brazilian fish stew)
Week 16 - root to stem (braised fennel and carrots)
Week 17 - medieval (honeyed chicken with white beans and bacon)
Week 18 - brown bag lunch (Asian chicken salad sandwiches)
Week 19 - mother sauces (chicken veloute)
Week 20 - outdoorsman (campfire chili)
Week 21 - cheap meals (soy chorizo tacos)
Week 22 - East Asian (soba with miso meat sauce)
Week 23 - deep frying (fried chicken with leek sauce)
Week 24 - from scratch (mushroom hummus)
Week 25 - Caribbean (Trinidad style curried meatballs)
Week 26 - gelatin (cottage pie meatloaf)
Week 27 - tacos (chicken fajita tacos)
Week 28 - local ingredients (tiger vegetable salad)
Week 29 - fat (spaghetti carbonara)
Week 30 - fermentation (kimchi potato salad)
Week 31 - drink pairings (kimchi grilled cheese and an IPA)
Week 32 - inspired by video games (Pokeball pepperoni pizza)
Week 33 - cajun (jambalaya)
Week 34 - fire (escalivada)
Week 35 - Nordic (lindström patties with sugar browned potatoes and vegetables)
Week 36 - famous dishes (cheddar bay biscuits)
Week 37 - mystery ingredients (grilled mushrooms with weisswurst vegetable saute)
Week 38 - acid (chickpea casserole with lemon, herbs, and shallots)
Week 39 - West African (African chicken peanut stew)
Week 40 - steakhouse (baked salmon with potatoes, green beans, and endives)
Week 41 - bottled sauces from scratch (bolognese sauce)
Week 42 - homemade pasta (orecchiette)
Week 43 - French (poulet basquaise)
Week 44 - dehydrating (apple chips)
Week 45 - Pacific Islands (Micronesian coconut chicken curry)
Week 46 - underused equipment (stuffing cake in a Bundt pan)
Week 47 - Czech (Czech garlic soup)
Week 48 - leftovers (stuffing cups with eggs)
Week 49 - Spanish tapas (patatas bravas, espinaca con garbanzos, bean and chorizo salad)
Week 50 - umami (tofu and mushrooms with fish sauce marinade, ginger miso glazed eggplant)
Week 51 - 30 minutes or less (chicken tenders with sautéed vegetables)
Week 52 - Israeli (Ottolenghi's turkey and zucchini burgers)

Looking forward to starting the next challenge!

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