Thursday, November 24, 2016

Week 48 - Leftovers

Skipping over Week 47 because it's Thanksgiving, it's time to talk about the Week 48 leftovers challenge. Not only was there leftover stuffing cake that I just ate as cake for breakfast and lunch for a couple of days, but there was more stuffing that didn't make it into the cake. I saved it specifically to repurpose as leftovers for the challenge because one can never have too much stuffing.

I don't remember where I saw it anymore, maybe Chowhound, but someone suggested making stuffing cups filled with egg. That sounded brilliant and perfect for brunch, so that's what we did. First, you add the stuffing to a greased muffin tin, and then you create a well in each cup for where the egg will go. As you can see, I put too much stuffing in each cup. Then we baked the stuffing at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.

I couldn't remember whether the eggs were beaten first or not in the recipe I was inspired by, so I decided to try it both ways since we had four stuffing cups. In two of them, we added an egg unbeaten. The egg whites overflowed all over the pan since there wasn't enough room for the egg in the well of the stuffing cup. Oops. Since that didn't go as planned, we beat a third egg and split it for the other two cups, which worked better but still not perfectly.

Then the muffin pan went back in the oven for another 10 or so minutes until the eggs looked done enough to eat. The cups with the beaten eggs worked so much better, but it's possible both would have been fine if I hadn't overloaded each cup with so much stuffing.

Although the stuffing cups were pretty good, I think the stuffing cake was better. But it was a fun way to turn stuffing leftovers into brunch!

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