Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pumpkin Harvest

On a recent Trader Joe's visit, we were a little dehydrated and run down so we picked up one of the cold pressed juices to drink on our walk home. They're not cheap juices, so we haven't tried all of them yet, but maybe someday we will.

Product name: Pumpkin Harvest cold pressed juice

Price: $4.49

Quick review: According to the bottle, each juice contains 1/20 of a pumpkin, 2 carrots, 3/4 celery stalk, 1/8 sweet potato, 1/8 orange, 1 inch of ginger, and a pinch of turmeric. We were trying to decide between the pumpkin juice and the cranberry juice, but ended up deciding to go with pumpkin because it might only be around for a limited time and also because a bunch of those ingredients sounded like they could be good for healing. It was loaded with Vitamin A thanks to all the orange stuff it contained. As far as flavor, it tasted a bit earthy and muddy, basically like what was in it, lots of earthy fruits and vegetables. Not very sweet, but just kind of like the earth.

Buy again? Maybe. It wasn't bad, just different, and kind of expensive for 120 calories. We'll probably try the other cold pressed juices before coming back to this one.

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