Monday, November 14, 2016

PDX Stumptown

I started out our trip to Portland much like I thought I would, drinking coffee. After landing it was close to 1am back here in NYC, but that wouldn't stop me. Stumptown is something of a Portland institution. It's probably the most well-known coffee roaster from the area. When I saw that we had gotten on to the ground in time to visit their airport outpost I knew I wasn't going to pass that up.

The item that jumped out at me the most on their menu was the nitro poured cold brew. It wasn't the cheapest, but you need to pay for good coffee. They have the tap right by the register, and I got to watch the woman working expertly pull a smooth, cascading cup full of dark goodness.

The coffee itself was a cold, smooth entry point into the Portland coffee scene. There was little to no lingering sourness from the beans used. Overall the flavor was bold and rich, and even though I keep using the word, the coffee itself was extremely smooth. Some cold brews come out a bit harsh, but the nitro pour, as it does with beer as well, makes things a little creamier. The coffee kept me awake long enough to get to my parents' house and gave me a pretty good indication of what I could expect from Portland and its magical coffee.

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