Monday, November 21, 2016

Organic Ginger Zinger

A has been really sick of late, and we had both forgotten all about having bought Trader Joe's Ginger Zinger, even though we bought it previously when we both thought we were getting sick. Yesterday we finally broke this out to try in the hopes that it would provide a little boost to A's immune system.

Product Name: Organic Ginger Zinger

Price: $3.49

Quick Review: We both really loved this drink, which contained water, sugar, ginger juice, and lemon juice. It wasn't too tart as is sometimes the case with lemon-based drinks, and while you could taste and feel the snap of the ginger, it didn't overpower the overall flavor of the drink. You could definitely taste the added sugar, but it wasn't too sweet. It was just the right amount to balance out the lemon and the ginger. The drink was incredibly refreshing, and it's a drink that we would both drink even when we're both healthy. Our only gripes are that the bottle is so small and that it's only 19% juice, but if it were more, it would probably be even more expensive.

Buy Again? Definitely yes. We hope they're still carrying this the next time we get out to Trader Joe's.

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