Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

We first tried this pizza as a sample a few months ago and liked it, but didn't end up getting it for dinner until recently. Here's the quick review.

Product name: Wood Fired Naples Style Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Price: $4.99

Quick review: This pizza combined pepperoni with a bunch of different cheeses (primarily provolone, but also fontina, monterey jack, and parmesan) and tomato sauce on top of a crust that they describe as hand-stretched and cooked in a wood-burning stone oven. It was pretty quick to make, about 12 minutes in the oven on our pizza pan, and came out well. The texture of the crust was good, better than some other frozen pizzas, the pepperoni was bold and full of flavor, and the combination of cheese worked well together. We also liked that the pepperoni was uncured pepperoni with no nitrites.

Buy again? Yes. It was good, but it remains to be seen whether it is our favorite TJ's frozen pizza.

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