Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Light Salad Snack

Our visit to San Juan was nice, although brief. It's always tough when you're only in port for less than 6 hours, and those hours are in the evening. It really limited what we could do since attractions started closing and there really wasn't enough time or daylight to travel much. Working with the schedule we had, we did have a good time strolling the city, touring the governor's mansion, and having some dinner (that delicious mofongo!) and yogurt.

Once we were back on the ship, for some reason I felt like I really wanted a light snack. I don't know how I could have possibly been that hungry after eating a full dinner and then some yogurt for dessert, but maybe it was that whole "always eating while traveling" feeling I've mentioned before. (To be fair though, it had been at least 2.5 hours since dinner.) The easiest thing to do to try to satisfy those cravings was to head back up to the Windjammer.

I got some more of the tabouli, since it was my favorite thing from lunch, along with some of the chana chaat from the day before and some vegetables from the taco bar. Looking at what I got, it was clear that what my body wanted were things that were light, fresh, and full of vegetables. It was a pretty big contrast with the meat and potatoes people we were people-watching were eating while we were there. (It was truly amazing to me how people could eat solely meat and potatoes and in such a large quantity. I'm clearly not built that way.) It was definitely the type of clean snack I was looking for after our time in San Juan and hit the spot. An hour later, we were back in Sorrento's eating some (less healthy) pizza, but after 26,000+ steps and 100+ floors (according to my Fitbit) that day, we earned it.

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