Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cuz's Fish Shack

From our research on Barbados before our Quantum trip, we knew there were two things we had to do while there - go to the beach and get a flying fish sandwich (also called a cutter) from Cuz's Fish Shack. Everything we read about this sandwich made it sound like a must-do. We had to take a cab to get out to Cuz's, but luckily there were plenty at the cruise terminal and that also put us right near the beach we wanted to go to.

We ordered one sandwich to split. The fish was cooked on a griddle after being dipped into a spiced batter. The coating wasn't too "bready" but it had great flavor. It was the perfect mix of saltiness and the right amount of heat. The sandwich came with lettuce and was sandwiched between a soft, pillowy bun. Each sandwich came with two pieces of the flying fish.

The fish itself was firmer than either of us was expecting, but it wasn't as firm as, say, swordfish. The flavor from the spices provided all of the flavor the sandwich needed even though there was a small assortment of hot sauces at the truck.

The fish sandwich was delicious and well worth the trip. It just tasted so fresh, which wasn't surprising since we were on an island in the Caribbean, and it was a great start to our day in Barbados.

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