Monday, December 12, 2016

St Maarten Food Souvenirs

Other than Christmas ornaments, we don't generally bring home many souvenirs from our trips other than food. We didn't know much about what food souvenirs there would be in St. Maarten other than chocolate, since M's parents brought home chocolate from each of their past trips, and guavaberry liqueur, since M's parents also gave us a little bottle of that after one of their visits.

There was a guavaberry "colada and rum shop" right at the port where you could buy souvenirs and also get some samples. Even though M's parents had brought us something guavaberry before, we hadn't actually gotten around to opening it, so we didn't know what it tasted like. We gladly tried the small frozen drink sample, and found it sweet and refreshing (we think). Two years later, not really sure how to describe the flavor other than we liked it but didn't feel compelled to buy any.

The chocolate shop M's parents like is called The Belgian Chocolate Box. It was amusing to see a Belgian style chocolate shop in St. Maarten of all places, but the owner of the shop apparently studied chocolate making in Belgium, and you can definitely tell when you eat them. We got a few bags of their dark chocolate. For lack of a better term, they're little pellets of dark chocolate that are amazingly rich and not too sweet. We also got a couple bags of chocolate covered rice crisps as we love that style of chocolate.

We had a good time in St. Maarten. We were only there through the afternoon, so hitting the beach, watching the planes, having lunch, strolling the town, and buying chocolate was pretty much all we had time for. We walked back to the ship from the Philipsburg beach area soon after buying our chocolate (didn't want it to melt!) and then got on the North Star, a capsule-like thing on the ship that elevated you high enough to get good views, at dusk to say goodbye to St. Maarten before dinner. It was a nice first visit!

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