Monday, December 5, 2016


After our tasty dinner at El Jibarito, my parents told us that they wanted to take us to an ice cream place that they had discovered on a previous visit to San Juan. A was pretty excited since he loves ice cream, and I'm always happy to try someplace new in our explorations. We walked around Old San Juan for a little bit since they couldn't remember exactly where it was, and then we ended up at Frozenyo on Calle Tetuan.

Our first thought was, "This isn't ice cream..." We don't have any issues with frozen yogurt, but we were expecting to see an ice cream shop and this wasn't that. Frozenyo was one of those yogurt shops where you filled up the cup yourself with the flavor you wanted and then added toppings to it (we think), not like Pinkberry. Since getting ice cream or frozen yogurt on the ship was extremely unreliable (machines constantly broken), we were happy to be getting any type of frozen treat.

While we remember going to Frozenyo and we remember eating frozen yogurt, this is the point where this review is going to fall apart. It's a perfect example of why we should have finished all of our Quantum reviews prior to the date it shipped off to China. We barely remember anything about the yogurt. That's not to say it was bad. It's just been two years. And unfortunately our memories aren't what they used to be. And our notes for that trip were scant, and in the case of the yogurt, nonexistent.

Did we get one frozen yogurt or two? We think we got two, but why didn't we take a photo of the one A got? We think he got something chocolate-flavored, because I have a vague memory of eating chocolate with cookie dough toppings that looked just like this but I don't remember for sure. What flavor yogurt did I get here? Pink lemonade? Kiwi strawberry? It looks pink to me. Did we try different flavors before we chose? What did we like? What did we not like? I know that my toppings were strawberry, kiwi, and cookie dough because that's in the picture, and I remember the cookie dough being good, but that's about it. I also remember that we sat outside eating our yogurt, which was quite a pleasant experience on a warm December night.

We wish we remembered more about this, but unfortunately we don't. What we do remember is that when we were in DC earlier this year, we saw a Frozenyo when we were walking around Columbia Heights. We hadn't known that they started in DC at that time (since we hadn't looked them up yet to write this post), so that was a surprise for us. We had a giant dinner that day and no room for yogurt so we didn't go check them out. Hopefully the rest of our Quantum reviews aren't going to be as lacking in detail as this one.

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