Thursday, December 8, 2016

Devinly Decadence

One of the places we were most excited to eat on the Quantum was Devinly Decadence, the "healthier" restaurant on the ship. Unfortunately at the time that we sailed, lunch and dinner there cost extra, and only breakfast was included. They eventually changed that and made it another free option, but not soon enough for us.

On the fifth day of our trip, we finally got up early enough (they closed before the Windjammer) to make it to Devinly Decadence for breakfast. We were really happy with what we found. Most of the breakfast was a buffet but we found far more interesting things in this buffet than the one was the Windjammer. So many of the dishes had so much more flavor and were made with healthier ingredients. We pretty much decided then and there that any day we could get up early enough, we'd be here for breakfast instead. It also wasn't as crazed as the Windjammer since they didn't have some people's breakfast essentials like bacon and egg yolks.

Some of the stuff we got on our first visit included turkey chili-topped egg white scramble, breakfast enchiladas, sweet potatoes o'brien, turkey chorizo patties, asparagus-chicken apple sausage scramble, and another turkey sausage crumble. Lots of chicken and turkey mixed with seasonings, spices, egg whites. What a difference from the Windjammer.

There was also plenty of yogurt and some sweet snacks (although M greatly preferred eating all the savory stuff they had). A also found the yogurt and savory items far more interesting.

We were really happy with our breakfast. It was great to eat something different and so tasty, and it was the perfect fuel before we headed off for our day in St. Maarten!

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