Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Return to the Solarium

The first thing we did on day 6 of our Quantum cruise was head up to Devinly Decadence in the Solarium for breakfast. We were really excited since we had really liked the breakfast options the day before and wanted to see what they would come up with this time.

We found that the buffet was almost exactly the same as the day before, and we picked up a lot of the same stuff. Unlike other buffets where the repeated dishes could get tiresome after a while, we liked the breakfast buffet here so much that we didn't mind if the same dishes were there every single time. There was so much variety to begin with that if you really wanted to, you could eat something different every day (instead of a little bit of everything like we usually did). And the flavors were just so much better and more interesting than the Windjammer. We tried to make it a point to get up early enough to come here for breakfast every day after that.

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