Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 45 - Pacific Islands

For the Week 45 Pacific Islands challenge, I decided to go with a Micronesian coconut chicken curry recipe I found on There aren't really many restaurants that cover the cuisine of the Pacific Islands (outside of Hawaii), at least not here, so we haven't had much exposure to it. I researched this mostly by searching different countries + cuisine on Google and seeing what looked good. Luckily, thanks to my Sporcle geography obsession, I didn't have to research what countries were in the Pacific Islands, so that saved me a step.

The ingredients for our chicken curry (adapted from the original were):

- olive oil ($0.25)
- 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts ($3)
- 3 potatoes ($0.62)
- 4 carrots ($0.45)
- 1 large yellow onion ($0.50)
- 1 large spoonful of minced garlic ($0.15)
- a few squeezes of ginger paste ($0.25)
- 2 red bell peppers ($1.98)
- 2 14-oz cans of coconut milk ($1.98)
- curry powder ($0.30)
- chili powder (the Asian ground red pepper one) ($0.15)
- salt and pepper ($0.05)
- brown rice ($1)

The total for the recipe was approximately $10.68. Pretty good for a filling dinner for two plus enough for lunch another day.

The steps for making the curry (also modified from the original) were:

- prep: peel and chop potatoes, peel and chop carrots, chop onions, chop red bell peppers, trim fat from chicken breasts and slice into cubes, set up rice in rice cooker
- add olive oil to large pot and then cook chicken until cooked through
- remove cooked chicken to a separate bowl and add potatoes and carrots to the pot
- fry potatoes and carrots for 5-10 minutes
- add onions, cook for another few minutes
- add ginger and garlic, cook for another few minutes
- add red bell peppers, cook for another few minutes
- add chicken, coconut milk, curry powder, chili powder, salt, and pepper
- simmer until potatoes are soft and curry has thickened (could also smash some potatoes against the side of the pot to help it thicken like I did), probably at least 20 minutes
- season to taste while cooking (I did but ran out of curry powder)
- serve over rice

We liked this curry but it would have been better with more curry powder (didn't realize how little we had left). It reminded me a little bit of the curry from the Caribbean challenge which makes sense since that also had a coconut milk base, curry powder spice paste, and bell peppers in it. The chili powder here really came through, much more than the curry powder even though we used less. I would make this again, just with more curry powder.

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