Friday, December 30, 2016

SeaPlex Dog House

We didn't make it to the SeaPlex Dog House until the final set of sea days, even though we had been really interested in going from the start. From what we remember, there were constantly long lines there and they kept very odd hours. Often we would walk by during off, non-meal hours only to find them closed. The Dog House was basically a hot dog stand where you could choose the type of sausage, toppings, condiments, and sides. Conceptually it wasn't anything special, but the idea of a hot dog stand at sea just appealed to us. Day 9 ended up being the perfect time for us to stop by for an early lunch when they opened before another one of the shows/parades on the esplanade.

We ordered two different sausages and sides to split. The first was the "Smoke House," a smoked bratwurst made of pork with traditional spices on a cheese roll, which we topped with sautéed peppers and onions, and also some German mustard. We thought this was fine, but nothing special.

The other dog we got was the "Coney Island," a classic American all-beef Kosher hot dog, which we topped with onions, sauerkraut, and mustard. Again, our assessment was fine but nothing special.

The two sides we got were the only two offered, potato salad and cole slaw, and both came in really, really tiny cups that you would normally use to put sides of sauce or other condiments. The potato salad was okay but didn't have much flavor and was kind of boring. The cole slaw just didn't taste very good, and it wasn't because of the strange inclusion of the raisins.

We were kind of unsatisfied with our visit to the Dog House, which came not longer after our unsatisfying breakfast. Since we were headed down to the esplanade anyway, we stopped by the Cafe Promenade for some snacks after this. At least those were good.

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