Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Port Zante

After our lunch at Ballahoo, we strolled around Basseterre some more and made our way back to the ship. M's parents were calling it a day, so after we parted ways, we went off to see more of the village around the port since we hadn't investigated it much earlier in the day beyond buying a couple of postcards. The area was called Port Zante, and not only was it where the cruise ships docked, but there were restaurants, bars, and shops all around the terminal. After a bit, we decided to go for a snack at a place called Scoops (which seemed to support all New England sports teams, but we won't hold that against them). Scoops was a local ice cream shop that, from what we remember, advertised themselves as being completely homemade.

A loves ice cream and it was a pretty hot day, so some ice cream and sorbet sounded great. We tried a couple of flavors and then decided to get a cup with two different flavors. One was Cookie Monster, of which we got two scoops. This was basically cookies and cream with a fudge swirl in it. We also got a scoop of guava sorbet because M really wanted that, thinking that guava would be better in the Caribbean. It was nice since it was so late in the day that they just gave us the rest of the sorbet that was in the tub. The sorbet was more icy than some others because it clearly was made from real fruit. We weren't sure how well they would mesh together in one cup, but they were surprisingly good together.

We also got some ginger ale to drink which was actually made and bottled in St. Kitts. This was good with a really natural ginger flavor, not as strong as the Bruce's one that has real ginger in it. A was hoping there would be more ginger flavor to it but thought it was refreshing and not too sweet. It was very carbonated though, which limited how much of it M could drink.

As we headed back to the ship from Port Zante, some sadness set in as our vacation was ending. This was our last port and soon we would be back on the ship for a few sea days and then back home to cold, gray December. We had a nice time at the ports, even if we didn't get to do everything we would have wanted, and they were definitely one of the highlights of this Quantum trip.

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