Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mini Greek Spirals

Trader Joe's has a bunch of different Greek snacks in the freezer these days, and A spotted these mini Greek spirals with leeks and feta cheese ($2.99) on one of our recent visits. Neither of us remembered seeing them before, but they sounded good. After all, we love leeks.

The spirals are made of phyllo dough and stuffed with leeks, mizithra cheese, and feta cheese, along with some dill, parsley, and other seasonings. (Although the box says feta, the mizithra is actually higher up on the ingredients list.) It was pretty quick to make, about 25 minutes in the oven. There were 12 spirals in the box (6 servings, so they say), and we ate the entire box for lunch.

M's review: I was happy when I took these out of the box and could see all the green leeks through the dough, since my biggest concern when I looked at the picture on the box was that it just looked like lots of phyllo dough with not much filling. The taste of the filling was very mild. The Greek cheeses were pretty subdued, and the leeks didn't have that strong, powerful leek flavor that I really love. That said, these spirals were fine and a nice snack, but I was just expecting much stronger flavors from the leeks and cheese.
Buy again? Maybe. They weren't bad but I would rather just mix leeks and feta cheese into some frozen spinach (even though that's apparently "out of stock" at TJ's until January) and stick it in the oven.

A's review: I liked these a lot. It won't replace the spinach and kale pie, but nothing ever will. It's a quick and easy meal that has good overall flavor. The leeks are a bit lost in this, but mizithra gave it a nice flavor. The phyllo crisped up nicely to give a bit of crunch on the onset with a soft, chewy texture inside.
Buy again? I would. If we ever see the spinach and kale pie again we'll probably buy out the whole store's quantity, but I doubt we ever do. These are fine as a sort-of-replacement.

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