Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fiesta in the Solarium

Another Quantum morning, another breakfast at Devinly Decadence in the Solarium.

Another breakfast full of chicken, turkey, egg whites, sweet potatoes, and delicious Southwestern flavors.

But this time I also got something new, a fiesta shrimp omelette. In addition to the buffet options, they usually had a made-to-order dish if you got to breakfast early enough. That seemed to change every day (from what we remember), and this time it was an egg white omelette. Tasty and healthy.

Also different this time was the view from the Solarium. Every other port we had been to, we had been missing this view of bright sun, puffy white clouds, and turquoise water. Finally, finally, in Barbados, we got the perfect weather we were looking for.

It wasn't a humid evening like in Puerto Rico. It wasn't raining like in St. Maarten. It wasn't cloudy like in Martinique. We were pretty excited as we looked at the hot and sunny weather since we had a beach day planned, and after our tasty breakfast, we couldn't wait to get going!

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