Saturday, December 24, 2016

Late Windjammer Breakfast

Day 8 of our Quantum voyage brought us to another new country for us, St. Kitts and Nevis. We were in port beginning at 11 am, so we went for breakfast at the Windjammer instead of Devinly Decadence. We don't quite remember whether DD was closed that morning or whether we took advantage of our late start time (the last three ports were 8 or 9 am) to sleep in after our fun (and sunburned) day in Barbados.

St. Kitts looked beautiful from our window seats at the Windjammer, but the food wasn't all that different from past visits. I got pan-fried fish (which was a bit overdone and dry), scrambled eggs with shrimp and peppers (my notes state that the peppers were new and this was "not only in Asian section," whatever that means), corned beef hash (one of the few things I really like at breakfast that was not available in DD), hash browns, a link of pork sausage, some smoked salmon with onions (good and not as salty as the pastrami cured salmon from the other night), and some mushrooms and sautéed spinach.

We think that maybe A got some of the same stuff for his first plate but we don't quite remember and didn't take pictures, other than the first picture up top. I do know that this next picture is of his plate though, since I'm (clearly) not big into breakfast foods. On this visit, he tried a raisin pancake and plain waffle, neither of which he thought were very good and wouldn't get again, as well as some oatmeal. There was no brown sugar in the oatmeal because they ran out (this will be a running theme from here on, in case you haven't realized it) so it was kind of flavorless. To remedy that, he added some toasted coconut and cinnamon but it did very little. Disappointing.

Outside of the smoked salmon, corned beef hash, and vegetables, we didn't see many reasons why the Windjammer was better than DD for breakfast other than their late opening hours. This was my last real visit to the Windjammer for breakfast on this trip, but I had had enough of it that I certainly don't miss it!

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