Monday, December 19, 2016

Harbour Lights

After eating our flying fish sandwich at Cuz's, we got back in the cab and tried to go to the Boatyard, a beach club that was supposed to have good specials and a prime location. They were completely full, probably with other ship passengers and definitely with a lot of the crew, so we walked further down the beach until we found Harbour Lights. It was a little quieter down at that end, and they still had a special where you could get chairs, an umbrella, and a couple of drinks for a pretty decent price.

As we relaxed on the beach under some intense (and amazing) sunlight, we ordered some Mount Gay rum punch. The guy serving our section said it was really good because he made it extra special, by which he really just meant he made it with a double shot of rum plus some juice. When we first heard we were going to Barbados, we had considered visiting Mount Gay Rum itself, but since we were there on Sunday, they of course had no tours and were closed. The rum punch was excellent though, and very refreshing.

We spent most of the afternoon just relaxing and soaking up the sun, knowing that we wouldn't see sun like this for months once we returned back to wintry NYC. We got hungry at some point and ordered a flying fish sandwich. The flying fish this time was fried and came with a side of fries and a little bit of salad (greens and tomato). They also gave us a few sauces on the side, ketchup, mustard, and a yellow hot sauce that packed quite a bit of heat (we guessed maybe from scotch bonnets). We liked the fish sandwich, but liked the one from Cuz's a little better.

You might remember seeing this sandwich or hearing about Barbados before, and that's because it made it on to my 2014 favorite food memories list. We just had such a glorious afternoon there, the perfect beach day we had been wanting all year. Carlisle Bay Beach is beautiful, and we would absolutely return.

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