Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Year in Food: 2016

2016 has been a trying year in many ways, but it was a good year for us in terms of food. We didn't leave the country this year, but our travels unintentionally led us on a tour of some of the best of America's craft beer. Here's our quick year-end summary:

The first restaurant meal we ate in 2016: Our traditional post-movie lunch of burgers and fries from Five Guys after going to a matinee showing of The Force Awakens. Good movie, good fast food to start the year.

The first homecooked meal we ate in 2016: Our first "new" homecooked meal didn't come until the fourth day of the year when we had Korean braised tofu, one of the few dishes that is part of our usual rotation. (All the other at-home meals before that were leftovers or snacks like cheese and crackers.)

The last restaurant meal we ate in 2016: Chicken and meatball parm sandwiches from Parm in Nolita. We got a late afternoon lunch after a spontaneous visit to the Pixel Forest at the New Museum, and some Italian comfort food was a nice way to wrap up the year.

The last homecooked meal we ate in 2016: A made bacalao a la vizcaina (Basque-style codfish stew), as we avoided the crazy crowds outside and had a very healthy, clean last meal of the year. It was our first time working with bacalao and it was a success.

# of different restaurants we tried in 2016 (together and separate): 244. Even though we cook so often at home, the number seems to go up every year which means we're making the most of our time out!

Cities explored (outside the NYC metro area): Washington, DC; Silver Spring, MD; Rehoboth Beach, DE; Milton, DE; Portland, OR; Vancouver, WA; San Diego, CA; Chula Vista, CA; Escondido, CA; La Jolla, CA.

Most visited restaurant of 2016 (together): Ample Hills Creamery (9x), but that's more of a snack than a meal. For full meals, it would be New Spring Garden (7x), Genki Sushi (6x), or Qdoba (6x), but like I said last year, those are spots we go to with family and we often frequent the same places. For non-family, actual meal spots, it would be Otto's Tacos (6x). We're clearly very happy they opened in Hell's Kitchen last year.

Favorite food memories of 2016: A's list is here and mine is here, but we had a few in common, like crab dip, banana blossom salad, naem khao, and our Ethiopian meal at Zenebech.

Progress on WorldEats challenge: We've now posted about 49/196 countries (with others not yet written about). Hoping to do more and make more progress next year!

2016 blog series that will someday be completed: DC mini-break, Delaware summer getaway, Portland family trip, San Diego vacation.

Favorite overall meal of 2016: Our Laotian feast at Thip Khao in Washington, DC back in March. So many great dishes, such fantastic flavors. Can't wait to relive that when we post about that one. Runners-up were our Ethiopian lunch at Zenebech (already mentioned in the favorites posts) and dinner at Chesapeake and Maine in Delaware. We have a lot of recapping to do!

Hoping for good things in 2017!

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