Sunday, January 1, 2017

Double Stacked Habanero

I went to Taco Bell over Christmas weekend and noticed that they had something new, double stacked tacos. Now that I've tried them, I'm also seeing the commercials all over TV advertising them for $1 each. At the one I went to, they were almost double the price at $1.99, but I guess that's the NY upcharge for you. There are three types - nacho crunch, spicy sweet, and cool habanero - and I went with the cool habanero, since the flavor profile of that one was both most appealing and the easiest to guess from the name since I had never heard of these before.

I thought the reason they were called double stacked tacos was just because they had a crunchy shell inside a soft tortilla, but I guess they're also supposed to bring together contrasting ingredients (they describe it as yin-yang on the website). Anyway, this was one of their standard tacos with beef, lettuce, and cheese, but it also had sour cream and habanero sauce. (I guess they consider those the opposing ingredients - sour cream and habanero - but that seemed pretty standard to me to cool the spice of hot sauce with sour cream.) Usually I find fast food places advertising things to be spicy (coughWendyscough) to not really be that spicy but the habanero sauce here packed some nice heat. Texturally the double shells worked, and the flavor of the taco was good, as it was your standard taco plus a creamy hot sauce. After trying it and reading the descriptions of the other two versions of the double stacked taco, I think I made the right flavor choice for me. Overall, it was a pretty good taco and I'd get it again. I just wish it were really only $1.

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