Saturday, January 21, 2017


For our last restaurant meal of 2016, we found ourselves at Parm in Nolita. We had spontaneously gone down to the New Museum for the Pixel Forest and because it was the last day to sign up for a membership under IDNYC, and afterwards it was late and we were really hungry. Parm was one of those places we had always intended to go to at some point, and they were close by and open, so it seemed like the perfect time to get some sandwiches.

Although a lot of the menu sounded good, we decided to concentrate on the namesake parm sandwiches. They had eggplant, chicken, and meatball parm options, and after some deliberation, we decided to get the latter two, each as a hero, and split them in half.

Our favorite of the two was the meatball parm. The meatballs had a lot of flavor and were really moist and tender. We're both huge fans of meatball sandwiches, and this one was certainly a good one. The cheese was melted perfectly with just the right amount of "char" on it. The basil gave it a refreshing herbaciousness, and the sauce added just the right amount of tartness and sweetness.

The chicken parm was good too, but didn't seem to have as much flavor as the meatball. The chicken also seemed a tad dry. One interesting thing we noticed was that the chicken that fell out of the sandwich tasted better on its own without the bread, so maybe it was also the bread dulling the flavor of the parm a little bit. The chicken also came with the same cheese, basil, and sauce.

We liked the soft sesame bread used in the hero, and M was especially happy that it wasn't hard, crusty, toasted bread. The soft bread worked really well with the parm. Both sandwiches could have used more sauce though. We thought both were pretty light on the sauce and we had expected a lot more on the sandwiches, even if it would have made them messier. Overall we were very happy with our choice to finally try Parm. The sandwiches are tasty, and they're a good size too. It's definitely a place we wouldn't mind going back to again.

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