Thursday, January 19, 2017

Crispy Spicy Chicken

If you've been reading here for a while, you might remember my love for fried chicken sandwiches. One of the fried chicken sandwiches we've had before but never written about here is the one at Mighty Quinn's. We tried this for the first time last year and thought it was just okay, especially compared to the other BBQ and the dirty frites there, but decided to try it again last weekend on a food crawl walk through the city.

Technically the "crispy spicy chicken sandwich," it consists of a nice-sized piece of fried chicken (which they smoke first) on a soft bun with slaw and pickled cucumbers. Like everything else at Mighty Quinn's, you could also get pickled onions or peppers on the side or on the sandwich if you wanted. The sandwich is topped with a chile-lime hot sauce. The hot sauce had a nice tangy flavor, and it worked well with the flavor of the chicken.

The first time we had this, the chicken was very lightly fried. This time it was much crispier, which we liked better. Other differences from the first time were that the only vegetable that time was pickled celery (versus slaw and pickled cucumbers now) and that last time there was so much hot sauce it was dripping off the chicken in all directions and very messy. All three of these changes seemed to us to be for the better, and we didn't know whether it was because we went to a different Mighty Quinn's location, if the sandwich changed over time, or if we just got a better made sandwich this time around. This sandwich was good. The chicken was nice and crisp, which worked nicely with the crunchy cucumbers and slaw, and the soft bun was good for soaking up all those flavors and the hot sauce.

While it was good, this chicken sandwich is probably not going to replace the sandwiches at the top of our favorite chicken sandwiches list, but it was definitely solid. The BBQ influence makes it slightly different from the others, and variety is always good. Sadly we just missed the end of the meatloaf sandwich days at Mighty Quinn's and never got to try it (sold out on the times we did try and then things got hectic), but at least we got a good chicken sandwich as consolation.

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