Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chic On My Own (sort of)

After seeing the awesome show Sonic Odyssey, I had a late dinner with M's parents. M had been feeling increasingly sick over the course of the day (so much that she almost missed the show), so she went back to the room to rest. It was so late that I didn't really want to eat too much. Also, I was worried about M so I didn't want to stay away from her for too long.

One thing we've never mentioned before is the Simple Tastes Menu. Every restaurant on the Quantum had a main menu that we'd been ordering from the whole time, and also a Simple Tastes menu that we had ignored. Simple Tastes was different in each of the restaurants, but it was, as the name implies, a simpler menu for people who weren't necessarily into the more exotic flavors of the main menus.

From this Simple Tastes menu I ordered the roasted chicken noodle soup. It was described as "slow cooked chicken broth with rosemary, thyme, and vegetables." I wanted something clean and light, and this sounded like the right thing. I also ordered one to go for M since she wasn't feeling well. Funny thing, there was also an arugula salad on the Simple Tastes menu, but I opted against this as there was no arugula left on the ship.

I also got another order of the chicken I got every other visit to Chic because I liked it so much. Other than that, I got no dessert because of how late it was and because I wanted to get M her soup.

The meal was exactly what I wanted, light and quick. M was really thankful for the soup, and tried to have a spoonful or two of the broth. Unfortunately, she could barely stomach any of the soup because of her illness, and it ended up being a harbinger of things to come.

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