Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Windjammer Breadsploration

Since M was still struggling with whatever stomach bug she was suffering from the previous night, I ended up getting out a little later for breakfast and missed the Devinly Decadence time period. I wanted to go to Windjammer anyway, though, to see if I could get M things that would fit BRAT. I was thoroughly disappointed with that and also didn't take pics of what I ate because I was in a rush to get the meager offerings back to M.

We ended up going back to Windjammer for lunch this day as well. After M decided to start skipping all of the not-so-great "fresh baked" cookies earlier in the trip, we'd started avoiding the bakery section until M got sick. I started visiting it more to make sure I could get M some plainer breads while she was recovering, and while up there I also started investigating more of the bread options.

M's mother kept talking about these poppy seed triangles of bread on other Royal Caribbean ships that she loved, but they weren't here. The closest things were just loaves of bread with poppy seeds. On this plate I opted to get a couple slices to see what the deal was. I also wanted some more vegetables so I got some beets and green beans. I'm pretty sure the green beans were meant to be stir fried, but whatever, they were fresh and clean. I also got some rice and topped it with some butter chicken and vegetarian curry. Finally I grabbed a small scoop of chili con carne.

The bread was pretty good, and I could definitely see why M's mother liked it so much. The curry was fairly tasty, but I found that some of the vegetables, eggplant especially, were a little old and tough. The chili con carne was actually quite tasty, but it was also sometimes cool when you got it. The beets and green beans were the clean eating that I desperately needed.

On my next plate I decided that I'd had enough health food and got some curly fries where I witnessed yet more horrible human behavior. Basically some fat lady yelled at the worker for not having the curly fries out and ready when she got there and proceeded to load up two full plates after he finally got it in place. It's this type of disgusting behavior that we saw all over the ship from ultra-entitled guests that really turned us off cruising for a while. I also grabbed some feta and tomato salad and some roasted chicken so that M could try some of it. Finally I got a nice big bowl of watermelon since I love it so much.

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