Monday, January 2, 2017

Dhaulagiri Kitchen

When it comes to Himalayan cuisine, the place to go for years has always been Queens, more specifically Jackson Heights. Over the summer, we heard that Dhaulagiri Kitchen, a Nepali spot in Jackson Heights, was opening up in Murray Hill. Even though JH isn't really that far, it was so much easier for us to just walk over to Murray Hill, so we made our way there last fall.

There were a lot of options on the menu, but we both got platters so we could sample as much as possible. This wasn't our first time having Nepali cuisine, but we still weren't very familiar with a lot of what was on the menu. M got a thali with chicken, and A got the dhendo with goat. We didn't know what dhendo was at the time, but it looked good in the picture. Other than the meat choices and the starch in the middle of the platter, everything else that came on the platters was the same - a vegetable curry of the day (chickpeas and potatoes and something tofu-like), daal (which was green and filled with vegetables, herbs, and spices), raw vegetables, mustard greens, and various accompaniments, several of which were really spicy.

We Googled dhendo after the food arrived, and learned that it was made of buckwheat starch. It was incredibly filling, but so good with the daal and the curries and everything else on the platter. The rice was fine, but the dhendo was better. It reminded us of fufu a little bit in its texture and "flavor."

In addition to our platters, we also got some chicken momos. While these were good, they seemed fairly standard as far as dumplings go. The best part was the sauce trio that came with it (which we forgot to take a picture of). If we remember correctly, the orange one was our favorite. We recall that it was a little smoky with a little heat added in there too.

We really enjoyed our lunch at Dhaulagiri Kitchen and there is so much more we want to taste and learn about Nepali cuisine. We definitely want to return.

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