Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Final Quantum Dinner

Our final Quantum dinner was at Chic, the third time for A and the second time for M. We were kind of over Dynamic Dining at that point, seeing the same menu, having ingredients substituted everywhere without warning because of shortages, and just the general headaches.

The meal started with the same basket of dinner rolls and breadsticks, but this time, M was thankful for that given her recent troubles. She started off with a dinner roll which was okay. We also got some ginger ales at the table to calm our stomachs with the rough seas.

A started with the plum tomato tartare. It was diced up plum tomatoes with red onion, green beans, herb oils, and sea salt. M was sad that she couldn't try this because it was one of the appetizers we didn't have room for in our order on the first night and it looked really good, but there were way too many raw vegetables to introduce into her stressed system so quickly after her food poisoning episode. The tomatoes were fresh and delicious, and the green beans were cool and creamy. The red onions were nice and sharp, and overall the dish was very tasty.

M got the same Catalan shrimp as her first visit to Chic, but with just the grilled shrimp, figuring that was safer. This was fine, and she was glad they were willing to modify the dish to only give her the shrimp. The shrimp was the best part of the dish the first time around anyway.

For the main course, A once again got the chicken. Does he feel bad about not branching out further? Nope, he knew he liked it, and he wanted to make sure he enjoyed his last meal.

M went straight to the Simple Tastes menu for her entree, choosing the baked salmon with new potatoes and dill hollandaise, but without the hollandaise sauce. What arrived was the same salmon strudel from the first dinner, which she specifically didn't order because of the strudel and the vegetables. When the server returned, she kept insisting that they were the same dish despite M showing her the Simple Tastes menu and the differences in the descriptions. Sure, the dill hollandaise, the part being left off the dish in the first place, was the same, but "new potatoes" didn't look a whole lot like "sweet carrots and green asparagus" to us, nor did the Simple Tastes menu have any mention of strudel.

M and the server went back and forth on this for way too long with the server repeatedly telling her she was wrong, until finally M had enough and was just like, "I can't eat this. I'm sick!" That was the only thing that finally got her to agree to have it redone. Although it still came out with the vegetables, at least they just seemed steamed so the entire dish was pretty safe to eat. The server was a head waiter too, so if the head waiter didn't know the difference between a Simple Tastes order and a regular order, why did the Simple Tastes menu even exist? How could we expect anyone to actually honor what you wanted to order? It was an incredibly frustrating experience.

We decided not to get dessert as M was still recovering, and we also had to pack and go to one last show before our cruise ended. Overall, we were hoping to have a relaxing last dinner, but due to the complete lack of training and empathy from the wait staff, it ended up being an very frustrating experience. As with many things we experienced on this cruise, everything just seemed completely mismanaged and unprepared.

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