Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Everything Doughnut

We love trying unique doughnut flavors, so when we were snacking around the Bryant Park Winter Village the other day, we had to grab this Everything Doughnut from The Doughnut Project. Based on an everything bagel, it was a yeast doughnut with a cream cheese glaze, topped with sesame, poppy, pepita, garlic, and sea salt.

M's review: I was expecting this to be a savory doughnut with maybe a little sweetness from the doughnut part only. We've had different takes on the everything bagel before (like the one we got at wd-50), so I thought this would be similar, where it tastes just like an everything bagel but in doughnut form. The cream cheese glaze here was sweet like you would find on doughnuts or cupcakes, and I wasn't expecting that at all. I thought the glaze would be much more savory. Because of how sweet it was, the flavors of the sesame seeds, garlic, and other toppings got a little bit lost in the sweetness of the glaze. I got a little bit of the seasonings in the first bite, but after that it mostly just tasted like a sweet cream cheese glazed doughnut. I did like the texture of the doughnut though. I was just expecting and hoping for savory flavors.

A's review: I liked the texture of this donut. It was light and airy, and it had a good bite to the outside. The toppings were interesting, but I'm not sure they fully work. I like sweet cream cheese frosting, but I didn't think the rest of the toppings really came out that much. In fact, I didn't taste the pepitas at all, and from the picture I don't actually even see any on there. I like the idea of this donut, but I'm not sure I really got the execution.

Although we likely wouldn't get this particular doughnut again, we would be interested in other flavors from The Doughnut Project. It's nice to find places that are willing to try out interesting combinations.

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