Monday, January 30, 2017

Chocolate Cherry Whips

If you haven't already guessed from all the yogurt posts, I love trying out different types of yogurt. When we stopped by Target last weekend, they were having a sale on Yoplait and I picked up one that was new to me - the chocolate cherry flavor of the Greek 100 calorie Whips line. I think it was my first time having Greek yogurt from Yoplait in general as well as anything from their Whips line (which I guess is named that because they are supposed to be light and fluffy).

I was a little wary when I first opened the yogurt and started mixing it up. The texture reminded me of some types of frozen yogurt I had before, not very creamy and more like ice. But when I started stirring it more and more, it took on a really creamy consistency, more like what I would expect from something with the name Whips. The texture in the end was actually pretty good, creamy and smooth.

The chocolate and cherry were all in the flavorings of the yogurt, as there weren't any chocolate or cherry pieces in the yogurt, at least not as far as I could tell. It was pretty good though - sweet but not too sweet, with nice hints of cherry that didn't taste artificial. I really liked this yogurt, although I wish I had saved it for dessert or a late night snack instead of eating it for breakfast. It would have worked well for an end of day treat, and I would get this again.

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