Wednesday, January 18, 2017

American Icon Not Very Iconic

For dinner on our 10th night on the cruise, we went back to American Icon. M still wasn't feeling that great, but she toughed it out as best she could. The meal, as always, started with the bread basket. It wasn't any different from the time before.

For my appetizer, I got the salad that M had gotten last time. It was really good when I tried it, and I was really looking forward to having my own. Unfortunately, they ran out of the spinach (shocking!) that was supposed to be in the salad and subbed in shredded lettuce. It was watery and completely devoid of any flavor or texture. It made the salad as a whole feel a bit soggy and bland. I was pretty disappointed.

For my entree I got the Cola Braised Short Rib with Root Vegetables and Mash. I honestly don't remember much about this dish so you can tell how great it was. I'm sure the short rib was tender and the mashed potatoes were fine, but after so many disappointments on this trip regarding the food and lack of ingredients, I can't imagine this being spectacular enough for me to remember it.

In the end I don't think I ordered a dessert, and if not for her post, I wouldn't have remembered what M ate either. It was just another in a line of okay but not great meals. At least we liked our servers.

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