Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sriracha Potstickers Revisited

A while back, we tried some Trader Joe's sriracha seafood potstickers in festive Christmas colors and really liked them. They had a nicely balanced, slightly spicy seafood flavor to them. We found these again on a recent visit to Trader Joe's (still $3.99 for 12 potstickers), but this time instead of red and green wrappers, the wrappers were an orange color made with carrot and red peppers. (The insides were pretty much the same as last time.)

This time, instead of boiling them, we decided to pan fry them since they were potstickers. The ones in the photo on the box looked like they fried pretty well, but we followed the instructions exactly and they didn't turn out remotely like that. They completely stuck to the pan and fell apart when we tried to take them out, so we won't be making them that way again. A was sad because it was his idea to try them this way.

We still like these potstickers. They're not really a meal replacement for the discontinued crispy green curry shrimp gyoza (SO SAD they're gone), but they're tasty.

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