Monday, January 4, 2016

Almost to San Juan

We went to the Windjammer again for lunch on day 4 of our Quantum trip, but not because we had planned on it. After our unsatisfying lunch at Two70, we were hoping that the Windjammer would have something else to eat that would hopefully be tastier.

I picked up a lentil salad (lentils not cooked enough), tuna nicoise salad (okay), tabouli (good), baba ghanoush (good), a little salad that I put together myself (fine), Asian stir fry vegetables (okay), and egg and ground pork fried rice (okay). It wasn't amazing, but some of it was still better than Two70.

We finally remembered to take a picture of what A got this time. He hadn't been impressed at all by the Windjammer any day we had gone before and found plenty of things he didn't want to get again. He was also getting increasingly annoyed by all the names of the different buffet stations. Why bother naming sections different things like "Cafe Rustica" or "International Flavors" when pretty much every section was the same? Even the "fresh and crisp" section was a bunch of canned fruit in syrup. There was nothing fresh or crisp in that section. Regardless, A pieced together a meal whenever he was there, and despite the lack of pictures, he did find a way to eat enough.

This plate consisted of one spare rib, some potato salad, an actual "fresh" salad with oil and vinegar, and some butter chicken. Everything was, as noted, just okay, but not so amazing that he needed to go back for seconds. The salad was nice enough since fresh vegetables were good to have when stuffing your face with heavier foods every night.

One of the best parts about this lunch was that we were sailing in to San Juan (can't believe it's taken us so long to get to this point) and got to see our first glimpses of the island from the big windows in the Windjammer. Finally, our rocky sea days were going to be over and we would be hitting our first port!

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