Friday, January 15, 2016

Sweet Corn Tamales

Lately when I've been picking up lunch at Trader Joe's, I seem to be gravitating towards things I've tried before, never blogged about, and can't remember whether I liked. (There are a lot of those.) One of them was this package of sweet corn tamales with mild green chiles and cheese ($2.49) out of the frozen section. I've tried a lot of the tamales before from Trader Joe's, but only written about the holiday tamales from the refrigerated section. Time to change that.

The primary ingredients in the sweet corn tamales are sweet corn masa, manchego cheese, and roasted peppers. Overall, the flavor was pretty good, but I still like the chicken tamales better. This was definitely on the sweeter side and the peppers and cheese were just mild accents. None of the flavors were that strong, so it definitely benefited from some green dragon sauce (what doesn't?). Like most other tamales from TJ's, you make them by putting them on a plate wrapped in a wet paper towel and covered with plastic wrap, and then microwaving them for a few minutes. Very easy and one package of two tamales was a pretty good size for lunch.

Buy Again? Maybe. The flavor was good, but just a bit too much on the mild side for me to give it a definitive yes. I think the next one I should (re-)try is the package of frozen chicken tamales to see how close they are in flavor to the refrigerated prepared ones.

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