Sunday, January 3, 2016

Timbits Time

(Previously on our Great Lakes Road Trip: dinner at Sahara in Maumee.)

We woke up the next morning in Maumee ready for our next (and thankfully shorter) leg of driving to Chicago. A went out to get some Starbucks coffee, and having seen a Tim Hortons nearby, also decided to pick up some breakfast for us.

We've been big fans of Timbits ever since we first tried them in Canada about 7 years ago. They're similar to the Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, but the flavors are slightly different and there are more flavors to choose from. (As an aside, does anyone remember those toasted coconut munchkins DD had once upon a time? I miss those.)

The Timbits we got that morning were a combination of chocolate glazed, honey dip, original glazed, and Funfetti. As a big fan of Funfetti, and sprinkles generally, I was pretty excited to see that A got those. It really just tasted like a donut hole with sprinkles, but sprinkles make everything better. A liked the chocolate ones a lot.

With Timbits in our bellies, we finished packing up and getting ready, and then set out to grab a quick lunch in Maumee before getting back on the interstate. A lot of the Tim Hortons near us at home have closed, so we were glad we had the opportunity to get some Timbits on the road!

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