Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scandinavian Swimmers

When I was scanning the Trader Joe's hashtag on Instagram after New Years, I started seeing a bunch of photos of a new candy - Scandinavian Swimmers ($2.99 for a 14 oz bag) - which seemed to be their take on Swedish fish. I knew I had to get one the next time we went to the store, and we picked one up this weekend to try.

Like most things Trader Joe's, this is a more naturally flavored candy than the original, relying on fruit and vegetable extracts instead of dyes. You can definitely taste the difference, as we've always thought Swedish fish had a bit of an artificial flavor to them (even though we do like them). As far as texture, they're a bit different from Swedish fish. Much softer, not as chewy and sticky. They definitely don't get stuck in your teeth as badly as regular Swedish fish.

The candy comes in 4 flavors, with each flavor corresponding to a different sea creature. Based on their blog post about them, the sea horse is mango peach, the fish is orange, the dolphin is huckleberry, and the lobster is berry. The last 3 we could see, but we would have never guessed mango peach for the sea horse. That was also our least favorite flavor (but A didn't dislike it nearly as much as I did). The orange, huckleberry, and berry flavors were pretty good though. Considering I dislike most orange flavored candy out there, liking the orange flavor as much as huckleberry is a compliment.

Buy Again? Maybe. I don't love the sea horse, so maybe I would look for a bag with less yellow pieces if I got it again. While these were good, we still love the mango mango gummies more than any other gummy candy at TJ's and would buy those first.

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