Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mango Mango

Don't buy the Mango Mango fruit and yogurt gummies from Trader Joe's - unless you want to get completely addicted to the point where you have to pick up a new bag on every single trip and get really sad when they are sold out and you are deprived of their perfect sweetness.

I'm not exaggerating. These gummies are really that good, and they're only $1.99. Probably the best gummies we've gotten from Trader Joe's. We've had the penguins, but these are better. Apparently the bunny tummies at Easter are good too, but either they never made it to our store or they sold out really quickly.

The Mango Mango gummies come in 3 different flavors - all mango, mango/passionfruit, and mango/yogurt. Since they're made with real fruit pulp and juice, they taste completely natural. None of that artificial sweetness that you can sometimes get with other fruit candies. That's why you just can't stop eating them.

Buy Again? Yes. I'm not sure how many bags we've bought at this point, but it's a fixture on our grocery list. If you like fruit candy or gummies at all, we'd really suggest that you pick up a bag. Provided you're okay with a new addiction...

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