Monday, May 12, 2014

Macaron Truck Stop

I hadn't been to a free food promo event in so long. (Is it possible that the last one was the Top Chef event?) I missed trying new free snacks! Last week Sweetery teamed up with Food Network Magazine for an annual promotion handing out free macaroons (macarons). We definitely wanted to check that out. The cupcakes and popcorn were good in previous years, and who can say no to macarons?

They had lots of flavors but were sadly out of guava by the time we arrived. I picked rose and A decided to get the raspberry. I'm not sure if the state names were put on the macarons at random, or if the rose represents Texas and the raspberry is for Alabama, but I really liked the detail of putting the state tourism logo on each macaron. Added a lot to the promotion.

Both macarons were great. Delicate and sweet. The rose was fragrant, floral and light. The layer of raspberry preserve in the macaron was so full of deep raspberry flavor. My favorite was the raspberry and A liked the raspberry the best as well. I'm not a big jam person but I'd love a jar of those raspberry preserves. We could tell that these were real, fresh fruit preserves because you could taste the freshness of the fruit along with the natural sweetness.

One of the greatest parts of the promotion was the Food Network Magazine swag bag. In past years they gave out the bag with some knickknacks and lots of tourism materials, but this year the bag was absolutely amazing.

Those items were still there, but there was also Ghirardelli chocolate, strawberry jam, a hat, sunglasses, and the best part - 2 kitchen utensils! Our slotted spoon has gone MIA (we think it's behind the stove/oven) and now we have a slotted spoon! How exciting.

Thanks Sweetery and Food Network Magazine!

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