Thursday, May 22, 2014


Milkato is a gelateria that, to our knowledge, is only found on Naxos. All of its flavors are made fresh daily, and in the evenings it always seemed to have a crowd of people around enjoying their offerings.

So after eating an amazingly healthy and delicious dinner full of fresh vegetables, we returned to the city center for an entirely unhealthy dessert. There were so many flavors that looked amazing, and we had a hard time narrowing it down to two. In the end we opted for Lila Pause and Ferrero Rocher.

Lila Pause is a flavor based upon a chocolate bar offered by Milka and it has a strawberry base with chocolate swirled in and crispies. It was an interesting flavor that really worked well. It was like a creamy chocolate covered strawberry enhanced with some crispy pieces, and we really enjoyed it.

Ferroro Rocher (the nearly empty container) is exactly what it sounds like. It's a chocolate and hazelnut flavored gelato with crisped rice pieces and ground up hazelnuts. We knew we were going to like this flavor, and we were most definitely right. It was exactly as it was named, a Ferrero Rocher in gelato form. It was chocolatey, creamy, and nutty from the hazelnuts. It had great textural elements from the crisps and ground hazelnuts, and it's a can't miss flavor (if you like chocolate and hazelnut as we clearly do).

"2" scoops ended up being two massive blobs of gelato piled into a barely big enough cup. And it was only €3.1 (about US $4.25). For all that gelato! Such a good deal.

We gleefully savored our luscious treat while also wondering if it was socially acceptable to come back the next morning for breakfast when they opened at 10. (Although we knew we wouldn't since we had an amazing breakfast waiting for us at our hotel.) If you ever find yourself in Naxos, you would do yourself a great favor by visiting Milkato at least once for some of their wonderful gelato.

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