Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Japanese Fried Rice

Trader Joe's has always carried a lot of frozen rice options. Back when we lived in Chicago, we regularly stocked up on the nasi goreng and biryani (sadly no longer around). One of our new favorites is the Japanese Style Fried Rice ($2.99).

The primary ingredients are straightforward: rice, edamame, tofu, hijiki seaweed, soy sauce, rice wine. This tasted really healthy with its abundance of vegetables and the seaweed which was present throughout all of the rice. It also wasn't as salty as some fried rice can be. We paired it with some oven baked fries and chicken, and it was really good for a fair price. The hijiki is what really makes this unique. It's similar to adding furikake to rice, but a little better since it's mixed in so well. The texture of the rice was also quite good, considering it came out of the freezer.

It also couldn't be simpler to make. You can microwave it right in the bag. Just cut a slit in the bag, microwave it for 4 minutes, empty into serving dish, stir, and you're done. Now that's a quick and easy side dish that's still good for you.

Buy Again? Yes! We just picked up two more bags on our last visit. Healthy and delicious!

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