Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 2014 Custard Calendar

How is it already May? This winter has been so long that it doesn't feel like it should be May yet. We did try one new custard in April, but for the others, we just ran out of time. Hopefully we'll do better this month. I know I'm motivated to try to get custard on a Wednesday.

The line-up for May (with links to previous reviews and our scores):

Monday - caramel praline cake (new to us)
Tuesday - lemon meringue (6.5/10)
Wednesday - buttery sugar cookie (new to us but if it comes close to Christmas cookie, we'll be really happy, considering our love of sugar cookies)
Thursday - oatmeal creme pie (6.25/10)
Friday - banana bread (6.75/10)
Saturday - chocolate cheesecake (new to us)
Sunday - black & white cookie (7.5/10)

From the custards we've already tried, our favorite was clearly black & white cookie. The others were just okay. But we are both really interested in trying caramel praline cake and buttery sugar cookie. Maybe one of those will join our favorites list!

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